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ncf.admin y Got questions about NCF? Ask then here in the Help Desk
ncf.admin.developer.j-elder y Discussion about aa456's test software y Help and support for NCF Information Managers y y
ncf.admin.signup y
ncf.admin.stats y Discussion of NCF statistics
ncf.admin.volunteer.discuss y General discussion for all NCF volunteers
ncf.admin.volunteer.playground y A hangout for FreeNuts
ncf.admin.volunteer.thank-you y Have you thanked a volunteer today?
ncf.agm00.general y
ncf.agm00.motions y
ncf.agm00.nominations m
ncf.agm01.general y
ncf.agm01.motions y
ncf.agm01.nominations y
ncf.agm2002.general y
ncf.agm2002.nominations m
ncf.agm2003 y
ncf.agm2004 y
ncf.announce m New stuff on NCF and other important information
ncf.board-resolutions m Results of NCF Board online votes
ncf.board.speakers-corner y y y Bahai Faith discussion area y Centrepointe Community Association y y Conference on Community Access to the Information Highway y Community Association discussion group y The Divertimento Orchestra y Federation of Ottawa-Carleton Tenants Associations y Heritage Ottawa y Hintonburg Community Assoc y Hostelling International - Ontario East y Outdoor recreation discussion group y The Humanist Association of Ottawa y The Inventors' Association y Local Employment Trading System -- Ottawa y The National Arts Centre Orchestra Association y National Capital Tennis Association y Nepean Masters Swim Club y Olde Forge Community Resource Centre announcements y Ottawa Multicultural Folk Arts Council recipe exchange y Orleans, Ontario Little League y Ottawa Flute Association discussions y Ottawa's Walking interest group y Ottawalk Newsletter - Letters to the Editor y y Quaker discussion area y Recreation Association Centre of the Public Service y Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association y Scouting discussion group y Seniors' discussion area y Events for Seniors y Tanglewood-Hillsdale Resident's Assoc y Transport 2000 Canada y m y The Volunteer Centre - Jobs and Help Wanted y
ncf.environment y Environmental discussions misc
ncf.environment.birdcare y Wild Bird Care Centre y Canadian Centre for Biodiversity
ncf.environment.env-canada y Environment Canada
ncf.environment.fom y Friends of the Mississippi
ncf.environment.friends-wolf y Friends of the Wolf y Canadian Global Change program
ncf.environment.ocean-voice-int y Ocean Voice International y Ottawa Cycling Advocacy
ncf.environment.pcis y Pacific Centre for International Studies
ncf.environment.reg-cycling-adv y Regional Cycling Advocacy
ncf.federal-election.local y Local federal election discussion
ncf.federal-election.national y National federal election info
ncf.francais y Discussion en Francais
ncf.francais.biblio-bpo.annonces y
ncf.francais.biblio-bpo.qc m
ncf.general y NCF General Public discussion y Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade y Society for International Development
ncf.government.aviation-museum y The Aviation Museum in Ottawa
ncf.government.dgd y Dangerous Goods newsgroup
ncf.government.embassy.kenya y Kenya High Commission discussion area
ncf.government.germany y Embassy of Germany
ncf.government.gloucester y
ncf.government.human-rights-comm y Human Rights Commission
ncf.government.italy y Discussions regarding Italy
ncf.government.nat-archive y Canada's National Archives
ncf.government.oc-transpo y
ncf.government.ont-elect.general y Ontario provincial politics debate
ncf.government.ottawa-econdev y Ottawa Economic Development
ncf.government.ottawa-police m Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police
ncf.government.ottawa-police.crimestoppers m
ncf.government.ottawa-police.psb m Police Service Bureau
ncf.government.ottawa-police.stats y
ncf.government.police-dottawa.echec m
ncf.government.preparedness y Emergency Preparedness Canada
ncf.government.psac y
ncf.government.senate y Canadian Senate discussion area
ncf.government.senate-euth y The Senate and Euthanasia
ncf.government.spain y Discussions regarding Spain
ncf.government.standards-council y Standards Council of Canada discussion area (bilingual)
ncf.hba.other y y
ncf.hba.products.other y y y y y y y Local Support Group for FibroMyalgia y m A moderated archive of NCF help desk posts y y y y Help with modems and communication packages
ncf.library.gpl y Gloucester Public Library discussion
ncf.library.kpl y Kanata Public Library discussion
ncf.library.opl m Ottawa Public Library discussion
ncf.library.opl.announce m Ottawa Public Library announcements
ncf.library.rideau-twp y Rideau Township Library discussion y
ncf.medias.chuo-gb y
ncf.medias.rogers23 y Rogers TÚlÚcommunautaire 23 y Ottawa Beatles Fan Club and NL
ncf.newspaper.citizen.general y General Discussion about the Ottawa Citizen
ncf.newspaper.ckcu y CKCU-FM - Carleton University's radio station
ncf.newspaper.monitor y Monitor Magazine discussion group
ncf.operations.q-a y
ncf.orgs.amc.canadian-film-institute y Canadian Film Institute (bilingual)
ncf.orgs.amc.nepean-ltheatre y Nepean Little Theatre (NLT) y Ottawa-Carleton Police, Commercial Crime
ncf.orgs.comm.block-parents y Block Parents discussion
ncf.orgs.comm.hunt-club m Hunt Club Community Organization (bilingual)
ncf.orgs.comm.lions-club y Lions Club of Nepean
ncf.orgs.comm.ukrainian-canadians y Ukrainian Canadian Community in Ottawa y Global and International Issues discussion area m RESULTS Canada RESULTATS (bilingual) y United Nations - National Capital Region Branch y Canadian Home Care Association (bilingual) y Debate over proposed changes to Ottawa hospitals y St. John Ambulance
ncf.orgs.rec.cmsa y Cumberland Minor Softball Association (bilingual)
ncf.orgs.religion.christian-council y Christian Council of the Capital Area (bilingual)
ncf.orgs.soc-serv.aa m Alcoholics Anonymous
ncf.orgs.soc-serv.reach y Resource, Educational and Advocacy Centre for the Handicapped y Social Planning Council discussion group y Business and Professional Women Association -- Ottawa y Canadian Aerospace institution y Chartered Institute of Transport y Federal Superannuates Assoc. of Ottawa y Discussion area for the Forestry industry y Instrumentation discussion area y Journalists' discussion area y y The Mediation Centre discussion area y Ottawa Human Resources Professional Association y Ontario Society for Training and Development y Science Writers' discussion area y Society of Canadian Office Automation Professionals y Registered Marriage & Family Therapists y The Writers' Union of Canada, Ottawa Chapter
ncf.rec.iawah y
ncf.rec.knbc y
ncf.religions.jrsp y
ncf.religions.kicc y Kanata Inter-Church Council y
ncf.schools.algonquin-college y Algonquin College discussion area
ncf.schools.algonquin-college-alumni y Algonquin College Alumni
ncf.schools.ayjackson y
ncf.schools.bell y
ncf.schools.borden y Sir Robert Borden High School
ncf.schools.bright-children y Bright/Gifted Children
ncf.schools.broadview y
ncf.schools.brookfield y
ncf.schools.carleton-alumni y Alumni of Carleton University
ncf.schools.comm-disorders y Ontario Association for Families of ChildrenwithCommunication Disorders
ncf.schools.concordia-alumni y Alumni of Concordia University
ncf.schools.confed y
ncf.schools.ctf y Canadian Teachers' Federation
ncf.schools.featherston y
ncf.schools.fore y Forum on Responsible Education y Global Education discussion area
ncf.schools.hillcrest y
ncf.schools.immaculata-hs y Immaculata High School y
ncf.schools.learn-disability y OC Learning Disabilities Assoc
ncf.schools.lisgar y
ncf.schools.louisriel y
ncf.schools.mchugh y McHugh School
ncf.schools.nepean y Nepean High School Discussions y The Ottawa Separate School Board
ncf.schools.pats y
ncf.schools.resource.curric-elem y Elementary school curriculum
ncf.schools.resource.curric-middle y Middle school curriculum
ncf.schools.resource.curric-sec y Secondary school curriculum
ncf.schools.schnews.canterbury y Students and other from Canterbury H.S
ncf.schools.schnews.grant y Students SIG: Grant Alternative School
ncf.schools.schnews.lisgar y Lisgar Collegiate Institute
ncf.schools.schnews.pearson-chs y Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School
ncf.schools.schnews.rvms y Rideau Valley Middle School news
ncf.schools.southcarl y
ncf.schools.stpaul y
ncf.schools.univ-ottawa y The University of Ottawa
ncf.schools.western-alumni y Alumni of University of Western Ontario (UWO)
ncf.schools.wilfridlaurier y
ncf.sigs.acontecer y
ncf.sigs.adopt-a-riverbank y
ncf.sigs.alberta y Alberta SIG
ncf.sigs.amiga y Amiga Users SIG
ncf.sigs.amradio y Amateur Radio SIG
ncf.sigs.anarchism y Anarchism SIG
ncf.sigs.aquarium y Aquarium SIG
ncf.sigs.architecture y
ncf.sigs.arts.60-70-rock y 60's and 70's rock SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.a-cappella y A-Cappella SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.alanis y
ncf.sigs.arts.alt-music y Alternative Music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.anime y For fans of anime
ncf.sigs.arts.ascii-art y The ASCII Art SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.backstreet-boys y
ncf.sigs.arts.bassist y Bassists' SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.blink-182 y
ncf.sigs.arts.blues y Blues SIG y A Reading Room for NCF Kids
ncf.sigs.arts.british-music y
ncf.sigs.arts.celtic y Traditional and Celtic music fans
ncf.sigs.arts.choral-music y Choral Music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.christian-music y Christian Music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.comedy y Comedy SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.counting-crows y
ncf.sigs.arts.cure y
ncf.sigs.arts.dave-matthews y y Equipment, music and more for disk jockeys
ncf.sigs.arts.drummer y y
ncf.sigs.arts.guitarist y
ncf.sigs.arts.holmes y Sherlock Holmes SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.i-mother-earth y
ncf.sigs.arts.indie-music y For all in the Canadian Independent Music Scene
ncf.sigs.arts.industrial-music y Industrial Music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.jazz y Jazz SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.korn y
ncf.sigs.arts.kris-kross y
ncf.sigs.arts.language-abuse y Creative use and misuse of English
ncf.sigs.arts.lyrics y
ncf.sigs.arts.marching-music y Marching music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.maritime-music y Maritime Music SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.movies y Movie SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.nothing y
ncf.sigs.arts.offspring y
ncf.sigs.arts.opera y
ncf.sigs.arts.our-lady-peace y
ncf.sigs.arts.pearl-jam y
ncf.sigs.arts.piano y
ncf.sigs.arts.pistols y
ncf.sigs.arts.poetry y Poetry SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.punchbuggy y
ncf.sigs.arts.radiohead y
ncf.sigs.arts.rage-against-the-machine y
ncf.sigs.arts.rik-emmett y
ncf.sigs.arts.rush y For fans of RUSH (Canadian band)
ncf.sigs.arts.sara-mclachlan y
ncf.sigs.arts.sat-nite-live y Saturday Night Live SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.silverchair y
ncf.sigs.arts.smash-pumpkin y Smashing Pumpkin SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.spice-girls y
ncf.sigs.arts.tea-party y
ncf.sigs.arts.the-doors y
ncf.sigs.arts.they-be-giants y For fans of They Might Be Giants
ncf.sigs.arts.tragically-hip y Fan group for the Tragically Hip
ncf.sigs.arts.u2 y
ncf.sigs.arts.van-halen y
ncf.sigs.arts.visual-arts y Visual Arts SIG
ncf.sigs.arts.zappa y Zappa SIG
ncf.sigs.asian-pop-culture y
ncf.sigs.astronomy y Astronomy SIG
ncf.sigs.atari y Atari Users SIG
ncf.sigs.bands y Bands SIG
ncf.sigs.bird-watchers y Bird Watchers SIG
ncf.sigs.bluegrass y Bluegrass Music SIG
ncf.sigs.bookclub y NCF Book Readers SIG y Accounting and Business SIG y Business and Environment SIG y Creativity in Business SIG y Credit unions & cooperative organizations unite y Customer Satisfaction SIG y y FreeData SIG y Hints on stretching dollars & pinching pennies y Idea sharing for professionals and volunteers y Gas Prices SIG y Hi-Tech Entrepreneur SIG y Home Based Business SIG y Internet Business Users SIG y y Management SIG y Marketing SIG y Project management SIG y Public Transit SIG y y Stock and Commodity Trading SIG y Technometer SIG y Transportation Industry SIG
ncf.sigs.c++-prog y C/C++ Programming SIG
ncf.sigs.c-prog y C Programming SIG
ncf.sigs.cape-breton y Cape Breton SIG
ncf.sigs.cats y Cat Lovers SIG y
ncf.sigs.chaos-fractal y Chaos and Fractal SIG
ncf.sigs.chinese.occsc y Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre Sig
ncf.sigs.civilwar y Civil War SIG
ncf.sigs.classical-music y Classical Music SIG
ncf.sigs.comics y Comics SIG
ncf.sigs.communicator y y y
ncf.sigs.compact-discs y Compact Disc SIG y Artificial Intelligence SIG y y y Databases SIG y DECUS SIG y Geographic Information Systems SIG y y y y Linux SIG y Lotus Notes SIG y OS/2 SIG y PowerBuilder Developer SIG y Discussions about computer privacy y This group is really going in circles y Software Engineering SIG y Technical Documentation SIG y y User Interface Design SIG y Cooking and Eating SIG
ncf.sigs.crafts y Crafts SIG
ncf.sigs.dalmatian y Spots, anyone?
ncf.sigs.dare-to-be-different y
ncf.sigs.debating y
ncf.sigs.disability y Disability SIG
ncf.sigs.disney y
ncf.sigs.divorce y Separation, Divorce and Marriage SIG
ncf.sigs.dogs y Dog Lovers SIG
ncf.sigs.dreams y Dream SIG
ncf.sigs.dutch y Dutch SIG
ncf.sigs.ecological-development y Ecological Development SIG
ncf.sigs.ecrivains-amateurs y y Hang out with the St. Pius crowd y High School Tutoring SIG y Native Languages SIG
ncf.sigs.egypt y All about Egypt
ncf.sigs.ex-brits y Ex-Brits SIG
ncf.sigs.feminism y Feminism SIG
ncf.sigs.flamenco y
ncf.sigs.franco.relig-chr y Pour tous, catholiques, protestants, etc
ncf.sigs.franco.sports y Unforum pour tous interesses au plein-air
ncf.sigs.freenews y
ncf.sigs.futures y Futures, Trends & Scenarios SIG
ncf.sigs.futurist.cryptozoology y BigFoot and other things out there
ncf.sigs.futurist.flat-earth y She's a flat like da pizza pan!
ncf.sigs.futurist.grave-tales y Don't read it alone... Boo!
ncf.sigs.futurist.quantum-leap y For Dr. Sam Beckett fans and theorists y Space: Above and Beyond SIG
ncf.sigs.futurist.vampire y Vampires SIG
ncf.sigs.futurist.x-files y X-Files SIG y y y Board Games SIG y Baron Realms Elite SIG y Contract Bridge SIG y y Computer Games SIG y GO SIG y Lateral Thinking SIG y Pinball SIG y Legend of the Red Dragon SIG y y y Magic and other tradeable game cards y Video Games SIG y
ncf.sigs.gardening y Gardeners' Exchange SIG
ncf.sigs.genealogy y Genealogy SIG
ncf.sigs.geoworks y GeoWorks SIG
ncf.sigs.german y German SIG
ncf.sigs.good-news y
ncf.sigs.greetings y
ncf.sigs.hard-rock y Hard Rock SIG y Asthma SIG y Childbirth SIG y Complementary Health SIG y Dystonia Support SIG y Eating Disorders SIG y Emergency Health Care SIG y Medical Topics SIG y y Hip Hop SIG
ncf.sigs.history y History SIG
ncf.sigs.hobbies.air-cadets y Ottawa Area Air Cadets's discussion y
ncf.sigs.hobbies.automotive y
ncf.sigs.hobbies.exotic-pets y
ncf.sigs.hobby.adventure y Adventure SIG y Audio Video SIG y Black powder SIG y Car Audio SIG
ncf.sigs.hobby.coca-cola y
ncf.sigs.hobby.collectibles y Collectibles SIG
ncf.sigs.hobby.l-t-air y Lighter Than Air Aircraft SIG
ncf.sigs.hobby.math-physics y Math-Physics SIG
ncf.sigs.hobby.miniatures y Miniatures SIG
ncf.sigs.hobby.misc-pets y Miscellaneous Pets SIG y Restaurant SIG
ncf.sigs.homeowner y Homeowners SIG
ncf.sigs.horses y Horse Lovers SIG
ncf.sigs.irc m Internet Relay Chat SIG
ncf.sigs.james-bond y
ncf.sigs.jello y
ncf.sigs.kanata y Kanata SIG y A hangout for Kids ONLY
ncf.sigs.language-lovers y
ncf.sigs.librarians y Librarians and Information Professionals SIG y Christian Youth SIG y y Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual SIG y Youth and Coming Out SIG y Generation X SIG y y NCF 30-something SIG y Living in Space SIG
ncf.sigs.mac y Macintosh Users SIG
ncf.sigs.mad-magazine y
ncf.sigs.mens-issues y Mens' Issues SIG
ncf.sigs.midi y MIDI SIG
ncf.sigs.model-railroad y Model Railroad SIG
ncf.sigs.multicultural y Multicultural SIG
ncf.sigs.multicultural-events y Multicultural SIGs -- list of events
ncf.sigs.multimedia y Multimedia SIG
ncf.sigs.mushrooms y Wild Mushroom SIG y y
ncf.sigs.musique-francophone y
ncf.sigs.networking y Networking SIG y New Music SIG
ncf.sigs.newfoundland y Newfoundland SIG
ncf.sigs.omfac y Ottawa Multicultural Folk Arts Council SIG
ncf.sigs.paranormal y Paranormal SIG
ncf.sigs.parent-school y
ncf.sigs.parenting y Parenting SIG
ncf.sigs.pc-tech y PC Technical Support SIG
ncf.sigs.people.bells-corners y
ncf.sigs.people.first-people y Forum of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people
ncf.sigs.people.greely y
ncf.sigs.people.magyar y Hungarian Community SIG
ncf.sigs.people.manotick y Manotick Community SIG
ncf.sigs.people.merrickville y Merrickville Community SIG
ncf.sigs.people.military y Military personnel and associates
ncf.sigs.people.philippines y Philippines SIG
ncf.sigs.people.polish y Polish Community SIG
ncf.sigs.people.scottish y Scottish Culture SIG
ncf.sigs.people.shad y For survivors of Shad Valley
ncf.sigs.persian y Persian SIG y Photography SIG
ncf.sigs.professional.ask-a-chemist y Ask a professional your questions
ncf.sigs.professional.pilots-owners y Pilots and Aircraft Owners SIG
ncf.sigs.professional.soc-science y Social Science SIG y Supply Teachers' SIG
ncf.sigs.propaganda+media y Propaganda and Media SIG
ncf.sigs.punk y Punk SIG
ncf.sigs.quickbasic y Basic Programmers SIG y Radio Scanners SIG y Radio and Television SIG y y y y y y y y y y y y y For fans of the Ranma universe and creator y A fan group for the animated TV show -- ReBoot y y For fans of the Sailor Moon series y Shortwave Listeners SIG y The Simpsons SIG y y y A fan group for Superman -- esp the current TV show y Fan group for The Tom Green Show y
ncf.sigs.registered-nurses y Registered Nurses SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.buddhism y Buddhism and Meditation SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.christian y Christianity SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.east-orthodox y Eastern Orthodox Christianity SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.humanism y Ethical Humanism SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.islam y Islam SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.judaism y Judaism SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.pagan y Pagan SIG
ncf.sigs.religion.philosophy y The Philosophy SIG y Yoga SIG
ncf.sigs.remote-control y Remote Control SIG
ncf.sigs.rpg.fantasy y Role Playing SIG: Fantasy
ncf.sigs.rpg.general y Role Playing SIG: General
ncf.sigs.rpg.general-muds y Role playing SIG: MUDs
ncf.sigs.rpg.general-pbems y Role playing SIG: pbems
ncf.sigs.rpg.horror y Role Playing SIG: Horror
ncf.sigs.rpg.larp y
ncf.sigs.rpg.nenoo y PBEM -- non-humans plot world domination
ncf.sigs.rpg.pbem-5 y Role Playing SIG: pbem-5
ncf.sigs.rpg.pbem-6 y Role playing SIG: pbem-6
ncf.sigs.rpg.sf-cp y Role Playing SIG: sf-cp
ncf.sigs.saskatchewan y Saskatchewan SIG
ncf.sigs.sci-fiction y Sci-Fiction SIG y y
ncf.sigs.smokers-freedom y Smoker's Freedom SIG
ncf.sigs.socialism y Leftists discuss politics, world and modern issues
ncf.sigs.sports-car y Sports Car SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.archery y Archery SIG y Baseball SIG y Basketball SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.boating+sailing y Boating and Sailing SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.chess y Chess SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.climbing y Climbing SIG y Cricket SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.curling y Curling SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.cycling y Cycling SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.darts-pool y For all fans of Pub Sports
ncf.sigs.sports.field-hockey y Field Hockey SIG y Ottawa Area Fishing SIG y Fitness SIG y Football SIG y Golf SIG y Golf Events SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.gymnastics y Gymnastics SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.hang-gliding y Hang Gliding SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.hunting y Hunting in Eastern Ontario and Outaouais
ncf.sigs.sports.inline-skating y Inline Skating SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.joe-bacic y Joe Bacic Sports Column
ncf.sigs.sports.martial-arts y Martial Arts clubs and competitions
ncf.sigs.sports.motor y Motor Sports SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.nhl-hockey y NHL Hockey SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.paintball y Splat. I got you!
ncf.sigs.sports.racquet-games y Racquet Ball Games SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.ringette y Ringette SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.rowing y The Rowing SIG y Rugby SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.running y Running SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.scuba-dive y Scuba Diving SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.skateboarding y Skateboarding SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.skating y Skating SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.skiing y Skiing SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.snowboarding y The Snowboarding SIG y Soccer SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.softball-fastball y y Target Shooting SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.track-and-field y
ncf.sigs.sports.tri-biathlon y Triathalon/Biathalon SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.ult-frisbee y Ultimate Frisbee SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.volleyball y Volleyball SIG
ncf.sigs.sports.walking-hiking y
ncf.sigs.sports.weight-lifting y
ncf.sigs.sports.wrestling y Pro Wrestling SIG y Star Trek SIG y Role playing: Star Trek SIG y Star Wars SIG y Role playing: Star Wars SIG
ncf.sigs.students y Students SIG
ncf.sigs.students.akiva y
ncf.sigs.students.colonelby y Students and others -- Colonel By S.S
ncf.sigs.students.commerce y Students SIG: Commerce
ncf.sigs.students.earl-of-march y Students and others -- Earl of March H.S
ncf.sigs.students.glebe y Students and others -- Glebe H.S
ncf.sigs.students.gloucester y Students SIG: Gloucester
ncf.sigs.students.hillcrest y
ncf.sigs.students.merivale y Students SIG: Merivale
ncf.sigs.students.stmatts y Students and others -- St. Matthews H.S
ncf.sigs.students.stpeters y St. Peter's Catholic High School -- Ottawa
ncf.sigs.tarot y
ncf.sigs.techno-rave y Techno/Rave SIG
ncf.sigs.teen-writers y
ncf.sigs.tex y TeX Users SIG y Theatre SIG
ncf.sigs.time-travel y Time Travel SIG
ncf.sigs.toastmasters y Toastmasters SIG y Travel SIG y Fan group for Babylon 5 TV Show
ncf.sigs.ufo y UFO SIG
ncf.sigs.vegetarian y Vegetarian SIG
ncf.sigs.venting-corner y y Video Production SIG
ncf.sigs.vintage-radio y Vintage radio collectors and historians SIG
ncf.sigs.vinyl-records y
ncf.sigs.visual-basic y
ncf.sigs.volunteer-exchange y Volunteer Job Exchange SIG
ncf.sigs.waste-management y Waste Management SIG y Windows Development SIG y DOS Windows SIG y Wine Connaisseur SIG
ncf.sigs.writers y Writers' SIG
ncf.sigs.x-files-rpg y A local role playing game for the X-Files universe
ncf.sigs.youth y Youth SIG
ncf.sigs.youth-metamorphic y An alternative to the Youth SIG
ncf.sigs.youth-orion y An alternative to the Youth SIG
ncf.sigs.youth-stapler y An alternative to the Youth SIG
ncf.sigs.youth-zombie y An alternative to the Youth SIG
ncf.sigs.youth.bob y Youth SIG -- alternative
ncf.sigs.zymergist y Wine and Beer Makers' SIG y Council on Aging for Lanark, Leeds-Grenville y AIDS discussion group y Alzheimer's Disease discussion area y Amnesty International discussion area y Childbirth Education Association y Chronic Fatigue Syndrome discussion area m Chronic Fatigue articles y Community Information Centre of O-C y Cultural Interpretation Services y Depression Support Group y Global Network on Food Security y Multiple Sclerosis discussions y Ottawa-Carleton Immigrant Services Org y Ottawa-Carleton Senior Citizens Council y Parkinsons Society y Planned Parenthood discussions m The Rape Crisis Centre y Right to die, euthanasia discussions y Riverside Hospital y South East Community Services y Schizophrenia discussion group y St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa y Women's Place y Youth Services Bureau
ncf.status.general y General announcements about changes in status on NCF y Changes/additions to menus, files or web pages
ncf.status.operations y Minutes/announcements for NCF's working groups
ncf.status.pda y Additions/changes to files in Public Download Area
ncf.status.technical y Problems/changes in hardware or software areas
ncf.sub.access y Public Access Committee newsgroup
ncf.sub.agm98 y y The Auction Committee's newsgroup y What to buy an NCF souvenir? y NCF Finance Committee workspace
ncf.sub.francophone y y
ncf.sub.funding y
ncf.sub.future y General postings about the future of community networks
ncf.sub.hardware-software y Hardware Software task force workspace
ncf.sub.hardware-software.trn y Discussion of Threaded News Reader
ncf.sub.hardware-software.vim y Discussion of vim editor (vi clone) y Help Desk task force workspace y Information Management task force workspace y Office Volunteers task force workspace
ncf.sub.outreach y Outreach Task Force workspace
ncf.sub.public-relations y
ncf.sub.sigs y y
ncf.sub.speaker y Speakers' Coordination task force workspace
ncf.sub.system-design y NCF System Design general discussion y Archive: Menu Design Task force y Archive: Menu Design Task force
ncf.sub.time-limit m Time Limit Extensions task force workspace y Training task force workspace
ncf.sub.translation y Translation task force workspace
ncf.sub.volunteers y Volunteer Coordinators Task Force
ncf.sub.webteam y
ncf.test.ian y Ian!'s test newsgroup
ncf.test.ipadm m
ncf.test.unmoderated y An unmoderated test newsgroup