Active newsgroups -- can.* y Artificial intelligence in Canada
can.arts.sf y y Commercial postings within Atlantic Canada y Items for sale or wanted in Atlantic Canada
can.atlantic.general y General discussions relating to Atlantic Canada
can.aviation.misc y Aviation in Canada
can.aviation.rgs y Air Cadet Regional Gliding School discussions
can.canet.d m An open forum discussing CA*net topics
can.canet.stats y USENET statistics from major CA*Net NNTP sites y y Commercialisation of the internet y The Asian-Canadian comuunity y Issues about military-community life
can.config y can.* configuration discussions y The Canadian construction industry
can.consumers y Consumer interests, product reviews etc. in Canada
can.domain y Where people are supposed to be able to get even
can.english y y
can.francais y About the Francophone population (in French)
can.general y Items of general interest to Canadians
can.infobahn y
can.infohighway y Cruisin' with the top down
can.internet.highspeed y Consumer highspeed Internet access y Jobs in Canada m Government jobs in Canada y Canadian law and legal matters y y
can.military-brats y
can.motss y Gay/lesbian/bi issues in Canada
can.newprod y New products/services of interest to Canadian readers y Canadian high-tech executives.. y Canadian Information Processing Society y Canadian Unified Student Environmental Network discussions y Canadian high-tech non-executives..
can.politics y Canadian politics
can.rec.boating y y
can.rec.gardening y Discussion of gardening in Canada
can.rec.hunting y y
can.scout-guide y
can.shad-valley y
can.sun-stroke y Sun Microsystems Users in Canada y y y
can.taxes y Discussion of how to pay or not pay taxes in Canada
can.test y y Graduate student issues in Canada
can.usrgroup y /USR/GROUP related information in Canada
can.uucp y Canadian uucp problems
can.uucp.maps m Canadian UUCP maps are posted here
can.vlsi y VLSI engineering in Canada